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No Logo - Naomi Klein
The first book I read on Ethical Shopping. While Naomi Klein is a bit to the left for me on lots of issues, the book made me think about our choices. A good start.

Lift the Label - David Westlake
This was a powerful book for me. Written from a Christian perspective, this British book is full of stories, ideas, background, and advice. The Appendices have tons of ethical shopping/fair trade options - all in the UK unfortunately. I read some of the stories to my kids, and it fascinated them and helped them see why we do NMIC.

A Year Without Made in China - Sara Bongiorni A Year Without Made in China - Sara Bongiorni

By the time we read Sara Bongiorni's book, we were well into our second year of NMIC. The book was an encouragement because I think we could relate with just about every story. I wanted to call her and say "buy Oakley's!!!" as I read her search for NMIC sunglasses. And the struggles with family/friends not buying in were hilariously familiar. The one question the author of this book fails to do justice to is the "why" (if you're not sure yet, check out the rest of this site and the links!) Bongiorni seems to do it as more of a dare, or a research exercise than a conscious moral/ethical decision. Which, if you've tried NMIC, you know is a bit nuts - it takes effort and commitment that frankly, without an ethical imperative we wouldn't sustain. Many reviews I have read seem to take away the conclusion from this book that it can't be done - I didn't get that at all. It don't want to spoil the ending, but it can be done!


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