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We have really enjoyed the notes left by people, the occasional e-mail, and so please, leave us a note. If you're trying to live without Made in China, you know it's lonely cause. (It's much easier to boycott,say Iran!) Your words are a big encouragement to us, and to everyone else trying to live NMIC!

  (added Feb 09): The only comments we censor/filter are the obvious junk and solicitation for adult sites type of thing. Some of the best notes are where people have listed their favorite NMIC product (usually one of those hard-to-find items). And to Hali... we don't make any money from this site, but hosting is cheap - we pay for it with all the money we saved not buying MiC toys!

  (added Feb 2014) - Thank you all for your notes and encouragement. Almost 8 yrs later, we're still NMIC, and China is still no closer to being an open, free and democratic country. Life has gotten busy, kids older, etc, so the site gets few updates. Sorry, but know that you can live NMIC.

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