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Who are these crazy people?  Here’s shot of our family – Mom, Dad, 2 girls (aged 8 and 6 in this picture), and one little guy (aged 4).  We live in Canada, but have lived in the Caribbean too.

We’re evangelical Christians, which means, among other things, we believe that we are to be stewards/caretakers of creation, that we are accountable for how we use what God has given us, and that we are to bring justice to the world.  Each of our kids has a “special friend” they sponsor through World Vision, and we serve in our church and in our community.  Once a month, the girls accompany Dad to feed the homeless supper.

Mom worked for 10 years, but with the move to Puerto Rico (and by virtue of Dad’s work status), she gets to stay home.  Neither Mom or Dad imagined how much they would appreciate this freedom.  Now we just need to figure out how Dad can stay home too!

Dad is a musician and soccer player.  This presents an ethical dilemma, since all the best guitar gadgets seem to come from China.  Soccer balls come from China or Pakistan, neither particularly human-rights-friendly countries. “Maybe I should learn to golf…” Special thanks to Laurie, who sent us the following link of Made in USA kids soccerball. I also found fairtrade soccer balls!:



The kids are pretty regular kids.  Soccer, piano, violin, karate, gymnastics, ballet, choir.  They’re each allowed one activity and one music lesson.  It still adds up to more driving than your average UPS truck. Here are a couple of other stories:

NMIC Story #1: Getting the Kids On Board

Here's another one...

NMIC Story #2: The Barbecue


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